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Don'...]]> 2008-07-10 17:47:43 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Dating_Over_50:_It_Is_Never_Too_Late senior oap oldage old age dating Dirty Horny Swingers Six Good Reasons To Take A Nudist Vacation http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Six_Good_Reasons_To_Take_A_Nudist_Vacation It's that time of year when my loved one and myself set aside an evening to open a bottle of wine and discuss one of the most significant events in the Egger family calendar, to whit, the Great Annual Holiday.

As always, the first decision we have to make is whether we choose nude or not. As confirmed nudists, we naturally favour a naturist vacation, or at least a vacation during which we can get naked for part of the time. However it's not an automatic choice and this year there is a par...]]> 2008-07-10 17:37:31 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Six_Good_Reasons_To_Take_A_Nudist_Vacation nudist vacation holiday adult Dirty Horny Swingers What To Do When You Think He Might Be Bisexual http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/What_To_Do_When_You_Think_He_Might_Be_Bisexual Your boyfriend tends to remark on what the men in the bar are wearing as often as he does the girls. When he's had a little to drink he flirts a little with the men at the table. Although he says that he is hetero, you are beginning to wonder if maybe he would bat for both teams, if given the chance.

Bisexuality is fast becoming less though of as a third orientation. Some bisexuals contend that we are all bisexual to a degree. Others submit that it is a natural part of curiosity and m...]]> 2008-07-09 18:00:43 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/What_To_Do_When_You_Think_He_Might_Be_Bisexual might bisexual adult Dirty Horny Swingers How To Introduce The Idea Of A Threesome http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/How_To_Introduce_The_Idea_Of_A_Threesome Take a poll in any bar or on any college campus-anywhere there are men for that matter, and the result will always be the same. The ultimate fantasy is the menage de trois, the threesome. Two girls and one guy.

But how do you get her to go for it? Well, let's take a quick history lesson, the results of which may surprise you.

In the Kama Sutra, the threesome is a regular feature. It is considered a way to relax, and not thought of as a homosexual act between the partners of th...]]> 2008-07-09 17:58:04 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/How_To_Introduce_The_Idea_Of_A_Threesome introduce threesome adult Dirty Horny Swingers Convincing Your Partner to Expand Their Horizons http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Convincing_Your_Partner_to_Expand_Their_Horizons When making any kind of relationship-oriented proposition, one should consider how their partner views the status and overall importance of physical intimacy in a relationship, as this will determine both the manner of approach as well as the intervals at which they should suggest new and more risky ideas. For some couples, this will mean jumping straight into a full fledged experiment while, for others, small steps in the right direction are the way to go.

Most importantly, confidenc...]]> 2008-06-16 08:20:37 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Convincing_Your_Partner_to_Expand_Their_Horizons expand sexual horizons dating Dirty Horny Swingers Thirty-one Ways Women Can Make Sex Great for Men http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Thirty-one_Ways_Women_Can_Make_Sex_Great_for_Men Most women learn about men, love, sex and relationships the hard way. Get a head start with these tips...

1. Learn how he likes his penis to be handled

His penis is not like your clitoris - it's not highly sensitive and delicate. So he'll want you to go straight for his penis during sex, and once you're there he'll want you to apply a firm pressure (though you can make sex last longer by teasing him and working gradually down his body towards his penis). Learn how he masturb...]]> 2008-06-15 17:35:21 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Thirty-one_Ways_Women_Can_Make_Sex_Great_for_Men make sex great for men adult Dirty Horny Swingers Cunnilingus Techniques and Secrets http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Cunnilingus_Techniques_and_Secrets The best part of sex, in my far-from-humble opinion, is the pleasure you can cause in your partner(s). While being stimulated by your partner is certainly far better (for most people, if their partner's any good at it) than masturbation, it is still pretty much the same, only better. Going down on a lover, on the other hand, allows you to get a kind of pleasure that you cannot give yourself, even in part; the vicarious or empathic response you get from their reactions. Th...]]> 2008-06-15 17:18:14 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Cunnilingus_Techniques_and_Secrets cunnilingus techniques secrets adult Dirty Horny Swingers How To Know If You Are A Sex Addict http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/How_To_Know_If_You_Are_A_Sex_Addict The first step toward recovery is admitting that your love of getting it on is getting to be a problem.

2008-06-05 08:01:11 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/How_To_Know_If_You_Are_A_Sex_Addict sex addict adult Dirty Horny Swingers
How To Have Sex in a Car http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/How_To_Have_Sex_in_a_Car Since it arrived in the 20th century, the automobile has provided an alternative place for sexual congress. The following are simple instructions for heterosexual, two-person sex in a car.

Dirty Horny Swingers How To Juice Up Your Online Dating Profile http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/How_To_Juice_Up_Your_Online_Dating_Profile Things a little quiet on the dating front? Maybe you're looking for love with all the wrong adverbs. Take a little time to soup up your profile and those dates will start rolling in.

<...]]> 2008-06-05 07:39:55 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/How_To_Juice_Up_Your_Online_Dating_Profile juice up dating profile how to dating Dirty Horny Swingers How Hot Are You In the Sack http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/How_Hot_Are_You_In_the_Sack Everyone at some point has probably wondered if they are any good in bed, or if there is something that they could be doing better. Sex is something that many people assume will come naturally to them, and for some people it does, but for other people they are always wondering if there is something that they could do to "be better" in the sack. If you have these thoughts, take some comfort in the fact that you are not alone. But, don't let these thoughts take away the fun and spontaneity that...]]> 2008-06-03 19:37:20 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/How_Hot_Are_You_In_the_Sack good shag good bed good sex adult Dirty Horny Swingers Couples and Sex Toys http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Couples_and_Sex_Toys Many people have owned, seen, or thought of owning sex toys, but many couples do not explore sex toys together. Perhaps it is because many people view sex toys as dirty or something that does not need to be done within a marriage or serious relationship. Or perhaps it is simply because we have a tendency to be embarrassed about such matters. If more couples would come together and realize that sex toys and a playful attitude towards sex and their time together in the bedroom then a great deal...]]> 2008-06-03 19:27:20 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Couples_and_Sex_Toys couples sex toys adult Dirty Horny Swingers Six (6) Tips for Sexual Foreplay http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Six_(6)_Tips_for_Sexual_Foreplay Foreplay is a must in sex. This prepares the bodies to enjoy sexual nuances and give each partner the much needed warm up time to get into the mood. So try them out in a sequence.

1. The Precursor

It is always a good way to take initiation in Sexual Matters rather than waiting for your partner to do the same. Just think that you and your partner have thoughtfully planned for a weekend.Even before you get back home, you start telling him how you are waiting just to grab him ...]]> 2008-05-07 07:57:40 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Six_(6)_Tips_for_Sexual_Foreplay tips sexual foreplay adult Dirty Horny Swingers Sex Addiction, Stress, and Despair http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Sex_Addiction,_Stress,_and_Despair Fred had a very stressful day at work. Now he's home feeling tired, tense and edgy. He wants to relax. He tries watching TV; he gets bored. He goes out for a walk; he feels lonely. He listens to music; he can't concentrate. Nothing seems to be able to relieve his stress except his old standby he's been relying on just about forever: sex. It might be masturbation with or without pornography. It might be sex with his partner or a stranger.

He does it. He feels relaxed. But he knows the ...]]> 2008-05-07 07:57:31 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Sex_Addiction,_Stress,_and_Despair sex addiction stress despair adult Dirty Horny Swingers Sex Toys are Ruling the Roost http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Sex_Toys_are_Ruling_the_Roost Hectic lifestyles, constantly changing fashion and busy schedules are affecting every aspect of our lives. People have lesser and lesser time for themselves and their loved ones. This is affecting the personal relationships of couples as well, especially sexual relationships.

As couples get insufficient time for each other, they often have to satisfy themselves with early morning "quickies" - not exactly the best prescription for a healthy sexual life. This is forcing ...]]> 2008-05-07 07:52:23 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Sex_Toys_are_Ruling_the_Roost sex toys ruling roost adult Dirty Horny Swingers Find The Best Pheromone Oil Products http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Find_The_Best_Pheromone_Oil_Products Human pheromone oils are fast becoming the "secret weapon" of singles looking for an edge in the game of sex. Let's face it, for most of us, any kind of advantage is welcome!

Do pheromone oils do what they claim to do? This is now a well worn question and one which is difficult to answer. If you are considering playing the synthesized pheromone game then you need to consider a few things before diving into your purse or wallet and purchasing the first product you come across.

2008-05-07 07:52:12 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Find_The_Best_Pheromone_Oil_Products simple checklist best pheromone oil products adult Dirty Horny Swingers
A History and Outlook on Self-Stimulation http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/A_History_and_Outlook_on_Self-Stimulation Technically speaking, vibrators are fairly simple devices. There is a motor of some sort with an unbalanced weight on its driveshaft. As the device spins, a phase of resonance occurs, giving the feeling of a vibration. These devices can be used in many applications- such as cell phones, pagers, or automobiles. It has recently seen a spur in the sensual or erotic industry as a body massager.

Vibrators were invented in the 1880s, and have becoming increasingly popular ever since. ...]]> 2008-05-07 07:48:01 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/A_History_and_Outlook_on_Self-Stimulation vibrator history outlook self-stimulation adult Dirty Horny Swingers Sex Addiction: It can be overcome http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Sex_Addiction:_It_can_be_overcome The sheer intensity and complexity of the feelings that drive sex addiction are what make overcoming it so difficult - and so rewarding. The rewards can be maintained throughout one's life, if the addiction is approached correctly.

Sex addiction is successfully overcome by attacking the problem on two levels. The first level consists of the personal issues stirring beneath the sex addiction. The second level addresses the addictive aspects of using sex as an escape. One of the m...]]> 2008-05-07 07:47:49 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Sex_Addiction:_It_can_be_overcome sex addiction adult Dirty Horny Swingers What Turns Men On the Most http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/What_Turns_Men_On_the_Most People make 90 percent of their opinion about us in the first 4 minutes. Physical desirability is determined in the first 10 seconds.

You do not have to look like the latest Hollywood hunk or runway supermodel to be attractive to the opposite sex. By understanding why and how people are attracted to you and employing these strategies you can easily have them looking your way.

Gender signals operate on a subconscious level. Which has been passed on by are ancestors. Do men...]]> 2008-05-07 07:36:28 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/What_Turns_Men_On_the_Most turns turn men most adult Dirty Horny Swingers The Sacred Art of Relationship according to Estara http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/The_Sacred_Art_of_Relationship_according_to_Estara A new awakening is taking place, a resurfacing of ancient truths, most poignantly embodied by the sacred union of Jesus and Mary Magdalene - a merging of divine feminine and divine masculine that religious dogma has enshrouded for centuries. They are the role models of a divine union relationship - a co-creative partnership of equality. The union of masculine and feminine polarities is fundamental in the quantum physics of creation. The Vesica Piscis is a sacred geometrical pattern that...]]> 2008-05-07 07:36:21 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/The_Sacred_Art_of_Relationship_according_to_Estara divine union sacred art relationship estara adult Dirty Horny Swingers Sex Lubricants Slip Sliding Away http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Sex_Lubricants_Slip_Sliding_Away Sexual lubricants and sex oil products are used to heighten intimate joy between partners, or with one's self. Sex lubricants have been known to increase sex stimulation. It is not unique for a women's vagina to not develop sufficient natural lubrication. In these instances intimate lubricants can be a leading asset. Sexual lubricants, sexuality lubricants, anal sexuality lubricants, oil sexuality products, and sexuality massage oil products heighten intimate experiences in a protected ...]]> 2008-05-07 07:30:23 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Sex_Lubricants_Slip_Sliding_Away sex lubricants adult Dirty Horny Swingers The History of Sex Dolls http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/The_History_of_Sex_Dolls What is a Sex doll?

First and foremost a Sex Doll is a type of sex toy, designed to provide sexual gratification to the user. They should not however be confused with anatomically precise dolls, these are dolls that are used during interviews with children who have been subjected to sexual abuse or are used to aid sex education.

A Sex Doll has a single task, to provide sexual enjoyment to the user in the form of simulated sex acts. Sex dolls may come in the form of a c...]]> 2008-05-07 07:30:16 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/The_History_of_Sex_Dolls sex dolls adult Dirty Horny Swingers What Attracts a Man to a Woman http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/What_Attracts_a_Man_to_a_Woman Spruce up your appearance ladies and take grooming very, very seriously. Let us not blame women who go in for asset-enhancing techniques anymore. For, where a man is concerned, nothing seems to have changed so far as his mating instincts go. He is still the visual creature he was many centuries ago - appearances are all to him!!

And even with appearance, he goes straight for the jugular - those aspects that signify a woman's sexuality are most attractive to him. For a man, the s...]]> 2008-05-07 07:13:34 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/What_Attracts_a_Man_to_a_Woman attracts man woman dating Dirty Horny Swingers The Flourishing World of Porn http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/The_Flourishing_World_of_Porn If nothing else, the porn industry certainly makes money. It seems that there is a constant demand for porn at all times. It does seem that the demand for the same has risen significantly. However, the fact is that people these days do not find it difficult to purchase porn. One no longer has to move around in dark alleys hoping to get adult movies.

Buying porn has become much more commonplace in the world of today. One reason for this increased acceptability has to be the rise o...]]> 2008-05-07 07:09:31 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/The_Flourishing_World_of_Porn flourishing world porn dating Dirty Horny Swingers Have A Boring Sex Life http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Have_A_Boring_Sex_Life As a swinger, I get to chat to many folks about sex. The interesting thing is that a lot of folks I chat with inform me that they believe others are enjoying a much better sex life than they are. Usually they say that their sex life is very boring and there is no excitement. The longer the folks has been together the less exciting their sex seems. Naturally, there are people that have a great sex life and have been together forever. These couples are rare in my experience and usually sw...]]> 2008-05-07 07:07:43 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Have_A_Boring_Sex_Life boring sex life dating adult Dirty Horny Swingers Climb Aboard the Mile High Club http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Climb_Aboard_the_Mile_High_Club "Any card-carrying member of the Mile High Club knows that sex is the tastiest in-flight meal served aboard any aircraft," says one Mile High Club member. Travelling by plane can soon get tedious when you're following the same procedure flight after flight - check in, find your seat, watch the movie, eat your peanuts, take a nap, arrive at your destination, thank the air hostess on the way out... it's all rather boring when you think about it. However, a well timed kinky liais...]]> 2008-05-07 07:01:59 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Climb_Aboard_the_Mile_High_Club mile high club dating Dirty Horny Swingers Top Ten Celebrity Sex Tapes http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Top_Ten_Celebrity_Sex_Tapes Another day another celebrity sex tape - it appears that the Hollywood stars of today are more famous for their homemade videos than their blockbusters - not that were complaining! Ever since Pammy and Tommy stripped off and shagged senseless on their honeymoon (while thoughtfully recording the sex session for the rest of us to enjoy), celebrity sex tapes have become so huge that we felt they deserved their own red carpet award ceremony. And so here you have it - RedHotPie's Top Celebri...]]> 2008-05-07 06:54:55 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Top_Ten_Celebrity_Sex_Tapes celebrity sex tapes dating Dirty Horny Swingers Valentines Day Massage http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Valentines_Day_Massage It does not matter if you are looking for the perfect gift for the special male or female in your life. Massage is the gift that people of all genders and beliefs, simply love. Nothing feels better than to have that tension that resides in most people's muscles, melt away.

Relaxing not only makes you feel better but it promotes a healthier day where you are free (at least partially) from stress, worry, or bodily aches. So, this Valentine's Day if you are looking for something to...]]> 2008-05-05 07:12:56 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Valentines_Day_Massage valentines day massage adult tips Dirty Horny Swingers How to Make Love to a Woman in 5 Easy Steps http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/How_to_Make_Love_to_a_Woman_in_5_Easy_Steps Making love to a woman is a skill that most men think they have. But in truth there are plenty of women who are left unsatisfied by their partner's performance!

Unfortunately what commonly happens is men get their sexual advice friends or from pornography. As a result, they have a distorted view of what sex is actually about.

If you really want to know how to make love, you should follow a PROVEN system that is guaranteed to give pleasure to a woman.

In this article,...]]> 2008-05-05 06:50:37 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/How_to_Make_Love_to_a_Woman_in_5_Easy_Steps make love woman adult sex make love Dirty Horny Swingers Introducing Adult Sex Toys Into Your Relationship http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Introducing_Adult_Sex_Toys_Into_Your_Relationship Introducing adult sex toys into your relationship needn't be embarrassing or uncomfortable for you or your partner. In this article we'll examine the correct approach for the introduction of sex toys that will ultimately result in a better happier more fulfilling sex life.

The facts are simple, the maintenance of a fulfilling sex life is essential for the long term happiness of any couple. Old clichés such as "if it's not happening in the bedroom, its not happening a...]]> 2008-05-05 00:00:00 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Introducing_Adult_Sex_Toys_Into_Your_Relationship introducing adult sex toys adult Dirty Horny Swingers Keep Your Sweet Kitty Purring http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Keep_Your_Sweet_Kitty_Purring Every now and then, between the daily responsibilities and career challenges that come with being an adult, life can become, well, a bit boring. When your favorite playmate finds herself too stressed out to enjoy some private time with you, it is time to surprise and delight her with a new sex toy.

What is her all-time favorite fantasy that she desires? Does she see herself as the Mistress that you love to serve or does she want to be your teacher in the art of love? Is she secr...]]> 2008-05-05 00:00:00 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Keep_Your_Sweet_Kitty_Purring keep sweet kitty purring adult tips Dirty Horny Swingers Tips On Writing Your Advert http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Tips_On_Writing_Your_Advert Show don't tell. For example, it is much more effective to use humor in your ad rather than just saying "I have a sense of humor". Show that you are an educated and intelligent person through interesting word choice, clear ad structure, and colorful and creative descriptions.

Creativity counts. A personal ad can take many forms. A poem, perhaps. One amazing ad consisted entirely of titles -- one right after another -- of popular motion pictures, carefully chosen and a...]]> 2008-04-22 08:09:12 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Tips_On_Writing_Your_Advert writing advert tips dating Dirty Horny Swingers The Queen and Her Jester - Role Play http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/The_Queen_and_Her_Jester_-_Role_Play What every queen needs is a loyal, grovelling servant. Is your man ready to kneel at your feet, or will he need some encouragement? How about a sexy Queen of Hearts outfit to get him weak at the knees?

Deciding what to wear when you're playing queen is a piece of cake. You can wear whatever you damn well please! So long as your man is ready to worship you from head to toe, you may think an elegant and daring body suit is the most suitable item for lounging around on silken pillo...]]> 2008-04-13 19:17:03 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/The_Queen_and_Her_Jester_-_Role_Play role play queen jester adult Dirty Horny Swingers Buying Sex Toys - Which Ones Are Right For Me http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Buying_Sex_Toys_-_Which_Ones_Are_Right_For_Me Sex toys are used by many individuals and couples to help enhance sexual pleasure, but when you first delve into the world of sex toys it can all be a bit overwhelming. There are so many different types of toys to choose from, different brands, different prices, so it's easy to get so overwhelmed that you just don't know where to start.

The first thing you should do is decide specifically what you want a sex toy for. Will it be for vaginal use, anal use, or penile stimulation? M...]]> 2008-04-13 19:10:50 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Buying_Sex_Toys_-_Which_Ones_Are_Right_For_Me sex toys chose sex toys adult Dirty Horny Swingers Embracing Your Fetishes and Fantasies http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Embracing_Your_Fetishes_and_Fantasies The word fetish is often met by looks of disgust or even embarrassment, but why? What's wrong with having a particular fetish? There are literally thousands of websites and magazines that are dedicated to specific fetishes, which means they are out there and are more common than not. If these websites and magazines dedicated to fantasies and such didn't have an audience they wouldn't continue. The fact of the matter is that there is nothing wrong with having a particular fetish or fanta...]]> 2008-04-13 19:06:46 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Embracing_Your_Fetishes_and_Fantasies embrace fetish fantasies adult dating Dirty Horny Swingers Tips for Women by a Woman http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Tips_for_Women_by_a_Woman Over the years, I have observed a common trend with women, not all women but a sizeable portion of the female population, they seem to be very insecure physically and sexually. In my opinion, these insecurities lead women to do some detrimental things in and to their relationships. Women, you need to empower yourselves. Embrace your body (it is the only one you own), get informed about what you like and don't like sexually and learn that sex is meant to be enjoyed. It is very important ...]]> 2008-04-13 18:59:09 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Tips_for_Women_by_a_Woman women dating tips dating Dirty Horny Swingers Dating Tips For Disabled Men http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Dating_Tips_For_Disabled_Men Online dating is the easiest way to get to know people a little before you actually take them out on a date. If you are disabled and single, you can try out numerous specialist dating sites to see who you would really like to know more. As a guy, you might feel secure and can chat about anything, but you need to be a little more sensitive when it comes to understanding women.

Create a good first impression as that might decide the future course of the relationship. Only when yo...]]> 2008-04-08 19:29:21 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Dating_Tips_For_Disabled_Men dating tips for disabled men dating Dirty Horny Swingers Owning Your Sexuality http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Owning_Your_Sexuality It's easy in today's society to try to force yourself into one category or another where your sexuality is concerned. By society's standards if you are a woman that is attracted to and has relations with other women you are a lesbian, if you are a man that is attracted to and has relations with other men you are gay, and if you are either male or female and you are attracted to both sexes then you are bi-sexual. These standards are fairly rigid, especially because for most of us sexuali...]]> 2008-04-08 19:12:57 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Owning_Your_Sexuality owning your sexuality attraction dating Dirty Horny Swingers Female Libido Enhancement http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Female_Libido_Enhancement Female libido enhancement using pills creams and sex products [sex toys, dildos, vibrators] has become the in-thing now. Female Libido Boosters enhance female sex drive and orgasmic climax. Females now more than before are enjoying earth-shattering orgasms and no longer have to fake orgasms. Increase in female sex drive has become possible with the help of pills and topical creams like Valentra™, Provestra™, Vigorelle™, Diva Pills, Lava, Pearl Climaxer and others. Even...]]> 2008-04-01 00:00:00 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Female_Libido_Enhancement female libido enhancement adult Dirty Horny Swingers Adult Online Dating Services - A Tough Choice http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Adult_Online_Dating_Services_-_A_Tough_Choice There are many adult online dating services available on the World Wide Web. With the busy lives people lead nowadays, online dating can no longer be regarded as the last-ditch solution for the utterly desperate. In fact, it has proven to be a very effective method of matching singles from all walks of life to other singles. Some adult online dating services websites will differentiate themselves through their religious direction, whereas others may have an explicitly sexual content. Services...]]> 2008-03-27 12:33:02 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Adult_Online_Dating_Services_-_A_Tough_Choice adult online dating services dating Dirty Horny Swingers Lesbian Dating - Tips For All of Us http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Lesbian_Dating_-_Tips_For_All_of_Us "Should the sun refuse to shine, should romance run out of rhyme; you alone will hold my heart -- now until the very end of time."
- Verses of Love

The biggest myth in romance is that you must pull off something big and extravagant so that your efforts will matter. The truth is that what will impress your Woman the most will often be the little things.

Little things are rather simple things that you do for your Woman. Despite the fact that they are "li...]]> 2008-03-27 12:29:07 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Lesbian_Dating_-_Tips_For_All_of_Us lesbian dating tips adult Dirty Horny Swingers The G-Spot and Sexuality http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/The_G-Spot_and_Sexuality The G-spot, like the clitoris, the vagina and the anus, is a part of every woman's constellation of sex organs. It was named after the sex researcher, Ernst Grafenberg who first wrote about its erotic potential. In 1982, the paperback bestseller, The G-Spot and Other Recent Discoveries About Human Sexuality, by Alice Kahn Ladas, Beverly Whipple and John Perry, brought the G-spot and female ejaculation into the national spotlight. Female ejaculators who read the book understood that ejac...]]> 2008-03-13 19:08:39 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/The_G-Spot_and_Sexuality g-spot sexuality adult Dirty Horny Swingers Low Libido - Turbo-Charge Your Sex Life http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Low_Libido_-_Turbo-Charge_Your_Sex_Life Handsome hunk, actor Martin, who pumped iron at a gym and was a regular pub-hopper, suddenly found himself with no desire for sex. Enquiry revealed that he used anabolic steroids, abused his body by drinking, smoking and eating out every day. His body buckled under these bingeing sessions, lowering his libido and affecting his sexual performance. Several others are today afflicted by similar lifestyle disorders, affecting their sex life and relationships. Sexual energy moves through the...]]> 2008-03-13 19:07:38 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Low_Libido_-_Turbo-Charge_Your_Sex_Life turbo-charge sex life adult Dirty Horny Swingers Swinger Party Etiquette http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Swinger_Party_Etiquette Before attending a swinger party a couple must learn some etiquette and basic rules first. This is a small guide for new swinger couples.


Since you're the newbies you need to keep this in mind: swinging is for open-minded couples, it wont be viewed favorably if one partner leaves early and the other stays, the majority of time, if one goes, both go remember you and your mate are trying to become a swinger couple not two single swingers. 2008-03-12 08:01:33 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Swinger_Party_Etiquette swinger party etiquette adult swinging Dirty Horny Swingers Swinger Lifestyle Overview http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Swinger_Lifestyle_Overview In the fifties the media referred to it as "wife-swapping". Today it's called "swinging", but regardless of its name this alternative lifestyle seems to be increasing in popularity among mainstream, middle-aged married couples in America. The popular media are paying increasing attention to the phenomenon, often putting a positive spin on the effects which swinging has upon marriages. It is estimated...]]> 2008-03-12 07:59:25 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Swinger_Lifestyle_Overview swinger lifestyle adult swinging Dirty Horny Swingers Kegel Exercises - Staying Fit Active And Independent http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Kegel_Exercises_-_Staying_Fit_Active_And_Independent The Kegel Exercises derive their origin from the name of Dr Arnold Kegel who discovered this wonderful exercise regimen. These are very beneficial for the pubococcygeal muscles also known as Kegel muscles. The idea behind this exercise is to tone these muscles as well as strengthen them thereby avoiding pelvic floor problems. The primary reason for the exercise was to control incontinence in women following childbirth as well as elderly women. But things have changed and now it is advise...]]> 2008-03-12 07:54:46 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Kegel_Exercises_-_Staying_Fit_Active_And_Independent kegel exercises staying fit active independent adult exercises Dirty Horny Swingers The Rise and Rise of Rabbit Vibrators http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/The_Rise_and_Rise_of_Rabbit_Vibrators The 19th century was a dark depressing period in the history of female sexuality. Female sexuality was in fact treated as some form of hysteria, the treatment of which was alarmingly named hysterical paroxysm. This quite simply involved vaginal massage by hand by a member of the medical profession. What a truly tiresome job that must have been but I guess someone had to do it!

The workload was soon reduced by the invention of a steam driven vibration machine that was used by the...]]> 2008-03-11 20:27:52 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/The_Rise_and_Rise_of_Rabbit_Vibrators rabbit vibrator adult sex toys lesbian Dirty Horny Swingers Rabbit Vibrators - A Girls Best Friend http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Rabbit_Vibrators_-_A_Girls_Best_Friend It's true they are a girl's best friend. In fact some women will tell you that if it's a choice between their rabbit vibrator or their guy then the guys got to go. But how has this toy shot to the top of the vibrator charts. Upon investigation we can see that this can primarily be attributed to two separate factors:-

Firstly, the rabbit vibrator is effective simplistic design at its best. Whilst retaining the off-balance vibration motors found on traditional vibrators the secret...]]> 2008-03-11 20:25:46 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Rabbit_Vibrators_-_A_Girls_Best_Friend rabbit vibrators best friend adult sex toys lesbian Dirty Horny Swingers How To Effectively Clean Your Sex Toys http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/How_To_Effectively_Clean_Your_Sex_Toys Nowadays sex toys are considered a perfectly acceptable accessory to any fulfilling and healthy sex life. However it's worth remembering that all of these items when in use come into contact with highly sensitive intimate areas of your body. As such it is absolutely essential that your sex toys are washed before first use and after each use. Additionally, never under any circumstances re-use a sex toys with more than one sexual partner. This is not only irresponsible but also potentially...]]> 2008-03-11 20:03:26 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/How_To_Effectively_Clean_Your_Sex_Toys clean sex toys adult Dirty Horny Swingers Choosing The Right Sex Lubricants http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Choosing_The_Right_Sex_Lubricants The very nature of sex requires two bodies to meet in a potentially friction restricted way. This is where sex lubricants are used to reduce friction and enhance pleasure.


Sex lubricants, sometimes referred to as personal lubricants are specially designed lubricants for use during sexual activities. In a similar manner to conventional lubricants sex lubricants are designed to eliminate friction between two surfaces. All modern sex lubricants ha...]]> 2008-03-11 20:02:43 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Choosing_The_Right_Sex_Lubricants sex lubricants adult Dirty Horny Swingers When Does Swinging Become Cheating http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/When_Does_Swinging_Become_Cheating It is a myth that choosing an open relationship, or swinging, means that you are allowed to cheat. Couples living "The Lifestyle" define what their commitment means to them and both parties are expected to respect that agreement. It isn't that different from what many couples do in monogamous relationships. One couple might think it is perfectly fine for each person to view porn or go to strip clubs while these things would constitute cheating to another couple. A good rule of ...]]> 2008-03-11 19:24:24 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/When_Does_Swinging_Become_Cheating swinging cheating adult swinging Dirty Horny Swingers What Is Tantric Sex Really All About http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/What_Is_Tantric_Sex_Really_All_About Is Tantric Sex simply a technique for making sex last longer? Is it a technique to make orgasm more pleasurable, longer and more intense? Or is it something far greater which most people cannot even begin to conceptualize?

For the ordinary individual the idea of an orgasm that can fill your entire body and go on in pulsating bursts for hours on end sounds totally preposterous! But what if this is exactly what Tantric Sex can lead to? What if the orgasm we have all experienced is ...]]> 2008-03-11 19:21:28 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/What_Is_Tantric_Sex_Really_All_About tantric sex adult Dirty Horny Swingers Making the Most of the Dating Game - How to Stay Fresh http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Making_the_Most_of_the_Dating_Game_-_How_to_Stay_Fresh Why is it, when it comes to dating, men always seem to be winning the game? And yes, make no mistake, it is a game. So why can't women play right along with men? They can, as long as they don't let their female tendency to over-think get in the way!

Women can play as well as men, but they may have to play by the men's rules since they were the creators of the game. In other words, play the game right back at them! Have fun with the players! Why wait for a guy you are interested in to...]]> 2008-03-11 18:15:59 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Making_the_Most_of_the_Dating_Game_-_How_to_Stay_Fresh dating game how to dating Dirty Horny Swingers The 5 Things Men Will Not Talk About When Dating http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/The_5_Things_Men_Will_Not_Talk_About_When_Dating What is your partner really thinking when he goes quiet? What's running through your date's mind during the silences?

Having interviewed dozens of men on topics they rarely discuss, Maggie Hamilton, author of What Men Don't Talk About, has discovered that men, like women, long to be heard, accepted, loved and understood by their partner.

"In our desire to grasp the differences between the sexes, we as a society have come to focus on what separates us, rather than what jo...]]> 2008-03-10 00:00:00 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/The_5_Things_Men_Will_Not_Talk_About_When_Dating men don't talk dating dating Dirty Horny Swingers 8 Inviting Flirting Signs Women Will Send You http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/8_Inviting_Flirting_Signs_Women_Will_Send_You I bet you do! One joke I used to tell with my friends is how I wished women had a "magical light bulb" which shines every time they were attracted to me. It would take all the guesswork out of trying to figure out which women to approach.

Unfortunately there's no such thing as a magical light bulb!

In order to understand if a woman has attraction, you have to study her body language. If you can detect certain signs of flirting when observing her...]]> 2008-03-02 16:58:55 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/8_Inviting_Flirting_Signs_Women_Will_Send_You flirting signs dating Dirty Horny Swingers Dating Site Features http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Dating_Site_Features

  • A simple-to-navigate site – Simple registration forms, the option to upload photograph(s) and an ample personal advert section, etc.
  • An advert wizard – Following a series of questions, the Advert Wizard creates a member profile in seconds without requiring much time or effort on the member’s behalf.
  • A variety of comprehensive search and match tools – With the Auto Matcher function, each time a new member joins the service their details are sent to other existing ...]]> 2008-01-01 17:56:23 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Dating_Site_Features site features Dirty Horny Swingers Steamy Sex Secrets He Wants You To Know http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Steamy_Sex_Secrets_He_Wants_You_To_Know Men are full of surprises. And bedroom behaviour is no exception. Men have their secrets and they want their wives to know them. It's true that all men have sex secrets. Not the dark sultry secrets of an affair, but a restraint in sharing some cravings or the details of his day-to-day thoughts and actions with his wife - inside and out of the marriage. He may not reveal romance strategies or feelings of vulnerability or shame. These are things that men may have learned, over time, to ke...]]> 0000-00-00 00:00:00 http://www.dirty-swingers.com/article/Steamy_Sex_Secrets_He_Wants_You_To_Know steamy sex secrets adult Dirty Horny Swingers